Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

The world of online slots seems daunting to beginners with all the different terms and jargon used. To help new players better understand key slot concepts and lingo, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to common online slot terminology. Knowing these important terms and phrases will help you better understand online slots. Paylines refer to the different lines on the reels that will determine winning combinations. Traditional slots had just one horizontal payline across the middle row. But modern video slots have multiple paylines that run horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even in zig-zag patterns. These extra paylines give you more chances to hit winning combinations. The number of paylines available varies for each game.

Reels and symbols 

Online slots consist of vertical reels that spin and stop to reveal symbols. Traditional slot machines had physical reels that spun. But, modern video slots have virtual reels generated by computer software. While physical slots had a limit of 3-5 reels, video slots offer up to 7 or more reels with hundreds of virtual symbols. The number of reels and symbols impacts the number of potential winning combinations.

The different images that land on the reels are known as symbols. Classic slots had simple symbols like fruits, bells, bars, and the number 7. Video slots today have a wider variety of elaborate symbols based on a game’s theme. The images range from traditional playing card suits, bars, and numbers to colorful images related to an Egypt, fantasy, pirate, or animal theme. Some symbols pay out more than others when landing in winning combinations.

Multipliers & paytable 

Many slots include multiplier symbols that can boost your wins. For example, a 2x or 3x symbol landing on a payline will double or triple your payout for that spin. Some games feature multiplier wilds that multiply payouts by up to 5x. Big multiplier wins rapidly amplify your bankroll. The paytable displays the payouts for symbol combinations across paylines. Each symbol will have a coin value that multiples by the line bet depending on how much land. For example, 5 sevens on a line with a 25 coin value on a 1 coin line bet payout 125 coins. The paytable lets you see the winning potential of each symbol before you play. Check out this website guys over at

High limit slots 

High-limit slots are designed for high rollers who want to bet larger amounts per spin. While regular online slots take bets of $0.10 to $1.00, high-limit games allow wagers between $5 to $500 per spin. Tailored perfectly for players boasting substantial bankrolls, allowing them to amplify potential payouts to the fullest. These jackpot slots are linked across networks to build a pooled top prize that grows with a percentage of each wager. The running tally of the progressive jackpot shows above the reels. You’ll need to bet max coins to qualify for the full jackpot which often reaches millions before winning. Landing a progressive jackpot is the biggest thrill slots can offer.